Propane Truck Crash Closes I-20 In Arlington

A crash involving a propane truck caused a traffic nightmare in Arlington early on Friday morning. The incident happened at around 6:15 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Interstate-20, close to the Green Oaks Boulevard exit.
According to Arlington Police Department officials, the propane truck and another vehicle crashed in the westbound lanes of I-20, forcing the propane truck to overturn and catch on fire. Witnesses said that the driver of a Ford Mustang sped up to get in front of another car, but lost control and hit the propane truck.
Dustin McLaughlin was four cars behind the crash and said that the ball of fire was unbelievable. “I pulled over and ran up, make sure everyone was okay.”
Firefighters also responded to the crash scene to keep the flames under control. The intense fire may need to burn itself out, but that process could take several hours. The truck was carrying about 2,500 gallons of propane in its tank.
The Arlington Fire Department is working with AmeriGas, the gas company which owns the truck, trying to shut off the valves and stop the flames. But that may not be possible, and the fire might just have to keep burning until it is done.
“It could take several hours, up to a day,” said Assistant Chief Bill McQuatters. “That’s worst-case scenario.”
Despite the dramatic scene, there were no reports of any injuries in this incident, police officials stated.
However, the Arlington Fire Department is concerned for people within a one-mile radius of the scene. They are trying to keep everyone away from the fire just in case the truck explodes. Several neighborhoods have been asked to evacuate as a result.
The westbound lanes of the highway were immediately closed following the crash, while emergency crews were arriving to the scene. The eastbound lanes later followed, shutting down a busy portion of a major North Texas interstate. Those closures have also had an impact on travelers along nearby Highway 287.
Officials expect the road to remain closed for a significant amount of time, and warn drivers to avoid this area until the scene is cleared. Check the traffic map for alternate routes.
Closures include:
Westbound I-20 to the city limits from Green Oaks /Little Road exit
Eastbound I-20 from Highway 820
Eastbound frontage of I-20 from Business 287
Northbound 287 exits at eastbound I-20
Suggested alternate east/west routes include:
Pioneer Parkway
Division Street
Interstate 30

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